Patrick J. Raabe
Northwest District Operations Manager
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, California State University, Chico, 1996.
District Operations Manager, Northwest US, MESA, March 2013 to present
District Operations Manager, Northwest US, Corrrpo, July 2010 to March 2013
Engineering Manager, Corrpro Companies, Inc., January 2006 to July 2010
Senior Corrosion Engineer, Corrpro Companies, Inc., May 2004 to January 2006
Partner and Senior Corrosion Engineer, Taku Engineering, May 2003 to April 2004
Corrosion Engineer, Corrpro Companies, Inc., February 1997 to May 2003
Managed regional operations including a world wide business line.  Responsible for strategy, marketing, sales,
budgeting, operations, profit margin, client relations and employee hiring, training and development.  Prepared
and managed budgets over $8,000,000.  Responsible for 17 full time employees and others temporarily
assigned to my office.  Wrote, negotiated and signed contract task orders of over $3,000,000.  Selected and
negotiated with construction subcontractors on national and international projects.  Managed military
engineering and construction projects related to corrosion control at bases throughout the United States
mainland, in Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Guam, Japan, Korea, and Okinawa.  Managed civilian engineering and
construction projects related to corrosion control in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Northern Mexico.
Lead project engineer for the design of galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection systems for the
external corrosion mitigation for a variety of underground pipelines, underground and above ground fuel tanks,
pier and wharf pilings, steel wharf bulkheads, and the internal corrosion mitigation of water tanks.

Extensive experience in the survey, design testing, detailed design plans and specifications, cost estimating,
inspection of construction materials and installation, and post construction evaluation, adjustment and
monitoring of cathodic protection systems.  Cost estimating and project management experience for all phases
of design/build construction of cathodic protection systems.
Performed API 653 analysis of corrosion inspections on tank floors, annular rings, shells and roof structures.  
Designed and project managed repairs based upon these analyses.

Initiated corrosion control monitoring programs at numerous locations.  Prepared site specific Operation &
Maintenance manuals and conducted classroom and “in the field” corrosion control seminars with technical and
non-technical groups.
Complete project management of multiple projects, including proposal writing, negotiations, field work, report
writing, drawings preparation, specification writing and cost estimating, while performing time and financial
budgeting and tracking for multiple employees.  Has worked throughout the continental United States, Alaska,
Guam, Hawaii, multiple locations throughout Japan and Europe, and on several extensive pipelines in Mexico.
NACE Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist #7880
California Registered EIT #XE174249
Member and Past Chairman of San Diego Section, NACE International
US Navy, South Division and Southwest Division - DFSP Charleston, South Carolina; Westover Air Reserve
Base, Massachusetts; Robins Air Force Base, Georgia; Hill Air Force Base; Utah; King Salmon and Galena
Airports, Alaska; FISC COMNAV Marianas, Guam; Nebo and Yermo Marine Corps Logistics Bases, Barstow,
California; Grissom Air Force Base, Indiana; Multiple Armed Forces installations in Japan and San Diego,
California, and many other locations:
Detailed CP system surveys and subsequent cathodic protection designs for numerous above ground
fuel tanks, under ground fuel tanks and distribution pipelines, the interiors of water tanks, trans-bay
submerged pipelines, and fueling pier piles.  Designs included impressed current deepwell anode
groundbeds, galvanic anode installations, electrical continuity, and isolation requirements.  Performed
all aspects of design packages, including reports, drawings, specifications, calculations, and
construction cost estimates.  Managed all aspects of design/build construction at many locations, both
with and without subcontractors.  Performed post construction services including final contractor
checkout, system calibration, Operation and Maintenance manual preparation, and instruction of local
City of Carlsbad, California
Performed extensive surveys on city wide pipelines to develop a corrosion control program.  
Determined extent of existing cathodic protection systems, catalogued all pipelines and prioritized
recommendations for remedial action.  Developed a searchable cathodic protection database for the
input of all corrosion control and cathodic protection system data by City personnel.
Alyeska Pipeline Service Center, Valdez, AK
Project management of crude oil tank inspection and rehabilitation at the pipeline terminal at Valdez.  
Performed API 653 analysis of interior and exterior tank inspections.  Engineering oversight of tank
coating program, interior cathodic protection systems, valve and pump rehabilitation and procurement,
crude oil solids removal and transfer, and  dissimilar metals connection and grounding issues.
Buckley Air Force Base, CO
Initiated base-wide corrosion control program.  Provided extensive research and field location of all
water, waste water, natural gas and fuel pipelines and tanks.  Located, repaired and evaluated all
corrosion control systems.  Provided comprehensive report including color coded base maps based
on levels of cathodic protection, performed regulations research to identify applicable federal and Air
Force regulations regarding corrosion control, provided recommendations regarding the absence and
need of base procedures to comply with such regulations.  Itemized recommendations for the repair of
CP systems were provided including the addition of anodes, electrical bonding and isolation
requirements, the addition and repair of CP test stations, and material and pipeline run verification.  
Associated cost estimates were set forth by line item for materials and construction of system
upgrades.  Each itemized recommendation was prioritized by environmental, cost and mission critical
FISC COMNAV Marianas, Guam
Designed cathodic protection system for a series of interconnected fueling pier structures at Delta
and Echo piers.  Provided complete construction bid package including detailed calculations, plans,
specifications and construction cost estimate.  Oversaw construction of system, performed activation
testing and adjustment, and performed several annual surveys since then.
Designed cathodic protection system for shoreline sheet pile structure including current requirement
testing, stray current interference issues, and electrical continuity concerns.  Provided detailed
calculations, design plans and specifications.  Oversaw post construction activation and testing of