2007 was the Year of the Stairs.  Scooter has been building his house for at least 10 years
now and we like to help out when we are there.  In 2004 or 2005 the Bakers and I helped him
build the second story, with the ground level main room having a ceiling of about 20 feet.  
Scooter used a crane to get a hot tub up there and we just built the story around it.  But to get
up there required an extension ladder.  In 2007 Randy, Ray and I put some stairs in.
Alaska 2007
This is the first part which ends at a landing to the right.  This was necessary for two reasons:
there wasn't enough room for the entire flight due to a wall, and the landing provides a
doorway to the stairs that go down into the basement.
In this photo Ray is removing part of what used to be the ceiling at the landing area.  What's
with the PVC pipe, you ask?  Well, it's a poorly placed sewer vent.  Yes in the house.  No it
shouldn't be there.  That's right, Scooter doesn't want to move it.  And yes, we will anyway.
Photo taken from the almost accessible top story.  Each step was glued and screwed into
each of the four stringers.  Toward the bottom left you can see that PVC pipe now blocking
the doorway to the stairs which go down to the right, then turn right and go to the basement.
Scooter looking up in amazement during his first walk up his new stairs.  When he left for work
that morning none of this was there.  How did these guys do this in one day?  Maybe we
should put a guardrail up in 2008... Update, we did.  See new pics once they're posted.
So what do we do to celebrate a job well done?  Go fishing, of course, this is Alaska after all.  
Here is a photo of me filleting our catch of the day.  See the backward HOWDY sign in the
background?  We go to the same campsite each year to camp and fish in the Kenai, and have
been for about 10 years.  That banner belongs to a group of rowdy Texas boys that have
been there every year.  We have also made friends with a group of guys who go there each
year from Germany, although we speak no German and they speak no English.