Here is my new driveway.  When I bought this acre it was virgin land.  We cut down the trees for the driveway and an area to the left
of the jeep to build on.  A contractor friend of Scooters told us that 6 feet down it was all gravel, so we hired him to build the driveway.
 He dug a big pit, pulled the gravel from it, and dumped the stumps in and covered them up.  We plan to leave the mound with berry
bushes on it.
This is a view from the end of the driveway toward the road.  In the foreground is the trusty Jeep - a four wheel drive wagon that is
almost indestructible!  Randy, Diane and Jake Baker are standing where the lawn will one day be.
I love Alaska.  First went up there for adventure in 1988 with my best friend (now brother-in-law!) Brian.  I worked in the salmon
processing business for 9 summers, then kept going back up after college.  My friends the Bakers from NorCal meet me up there each
summer, and we hang out with our friends Scooter, Chris and Janice, and other assorted characters who live there.  I have a couple of
one-acre lots in Kasilof and hope to build cabins on one as our getaway spot, and a house on the other to sell.
Here are Randy, Diane and Jake Baker sharing a laugh and enjoying their vacation.
I picked up this 40 foot Conex and had delivered to the end of the driveway.  It holds all of our gear while we're away, including the
Jeep as you can see on the right.  Jake is standing on top visualizing the house that he will one day be looking at from that angle.
You can see a couple of Red Salmon going up a shallow creek to the spawning grounds.  This is called Crooked Creek, and it runs
right by the neighborhood where my land is.  You can see how shallow it is.  Believe it or not, large King Salmon go up this river!  
Kings easily get to 50 - 80 pounds.
Alaska 2006